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Design rates are only for:
San Diego, Orange Riverside & Los Angeles Counties.
Additional Per Diem charges may apply outside of these counties.

*Standard Design Rates (effective January 1,2012) :
For designs requiring 8 to 39 hours of design time: 180.00 per hour with a 24 hour minimum.
*Multiple Design/Volume Design rates
(Does not apply to substrates & SIP designs):

For designs requiring over 40 hours of design time: 150.00 per hour with a 40 hour minimum per week.
Design Rates do not include system & design license fees of 550.00 per day. The system and design license fees include the use of Full Schematic capture, PCB design tools & FPGA development tools as well as CAD and 3D development tools.

Circuit Design Solutions designers have a vast amount of experience in the following fields: Test Engineering, Aerospace, Medical, High reliability & Mil Standard designs. Backplanes, System in Package Designs, IC packaging, BGA, QFN and Full System multi-module designs.

* Design rates for FPGA Development, Substrate design, SIP Designs & Microchip design are 180.00 per hour with a minimum of 40.00 hrs.